5. Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications

*Denotes a paper 1st authored by Cziczo group member (student or post doctoral fellow) **Denotes a paper independently authored by a Cziczo group member

*63. Ardon-Dryer, K., S. Garimella, Y.-w. Huang C. Cristopoulous and D. J. Cziczo, Laboratory Studies of Mineral Dust Aerosol Production, accepted at Aero. Sci. Tech. (2015).


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Book Chapters


D. J. Cziczo, Encyclopedia of Mass Spectrometry, Chapter VI: Inorganic Laser Desorption and Laser Ionization of Atmospheric Aerosols (2010).


Other Publications


1. D. J. Cziczo, Up in the Clouds, Nature Geosciences, 2 E7, doi:10.1038/ngeo507 (2009).


2. P. Spichtinger  and D. J. Cziczo, Aerosol Cloud Interactions – A Challenge for Measurements and Modeling at the Cutting Edge of Cloud-Climate Interactions, Environmental Research Letters, Introduction to Special Issue on Aerosols, Clouds, and Climate, 3, 1 (2008).


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